Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources

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Professor wins grant for wildlife research

Ron Davis, Western Carolina University assistant professor of geosciences and natural resources management, received a grant of $3,250 from Balsam Mountain Preserve to continue data collection on wildlife species, including eastern box turtles and rattlesnakes.
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Western hosts GIS Day

Western Carolina University will celebrate its second annual Geographical Information System Day on Wednesday, Nov. 14, with presentations and workshops to showcase GIS and remote sensing projects by faculty, staff, students and off-campus individuals.
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WCU team joins state experts in examination of slope failure

Fast-moving mountain landslides called “debris flows” topped the news in September 2004 when one such slide killed five people in Macon County’s Peeks Creek community, but it is another type of less-understood slope failure that is the focus of a long-term research project involving Western Carolina University geology students and faculty, and the state’s Geological Survey and Department of Transportation.