Geology Program

Two WCU geology students benefit from prestigious internships

After Leslie Montoya applied for an internship with UNAVCO’s Research Experiences in Solid Earth Sciences program, her father kept telling her she was going to be one of the rare students chosen. When the Western Carolina University senior geology major got the call that she was accepted, he quickly reminded her that, “You didn’t believe me when I said you’d get it,” Montoya recalled.
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Campaign: Geology professor starts scholarship

For more than 30 years, geology professor Steve Yurkovich has taught students history – ancient history. Yurkovich takes them back more than 450 million years to the collision of the North American and African plates that formed the Appalachian Mountains. He has shown them how to read geological clues in the rocks during field trips to rock formations near the Jarrett House in Dillsboro, Arby’s in Sylva, Mount Rogers in Virginia and points further west.
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WCU team joins state experts in examination of slope failure

Fast-moving mountain landslides called “debris flows” topped the news in September 2004 when one such slide killed five people in Macon County’s Peeks Creek community, but it is another type of less-understood slope failure that is the focus of a long-term research project involving Western Carolina University geology students and faculty, and the state’s Geological Survey and Department of Transportation.