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WCU’s regional think tank launches WNC Pulse initiative

In response to the ongoing national economic crisis, Western Carolina University’s Institute for the Economy and the Future is launching WNC Pulse, a new Web-based initiative, to help solve regional problems by identifying Western North Carolina’s major economic, social and political issues and trends.
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WCU shoreline program opens coastal station at USC Beaufort

Two years after relocating to Western Carolina University from its longtime home at Duke University, a program known worldwide for its use of science to influence public policy affecting management of U.S. shorelines is establishing a permanent beachhead in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.
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International beach trust locates office at Western

Western Carolina University is the new home to the offices of the Santa Aguila Charitable Trust, an international organization devoted to the protection and preservation of beaches around the world, and recent WCU graduate Adam Griffith has been hired as director of the trust’s Beachcare program.