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Today is the Day 2:30 AM - After months of preparation, the students of the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band wake up before the sun to load on to the busses that will take them to the heart of the parade route for their rehearsal at 4:00 AM.

Touring the City – Monday

The wait is finally over and the Pride of the Mountains has arrived in New York City. For some students, this is their first time away from North Carolina. I...

Unpacking in NYC

On Sunday, the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band spent a day in the city touring and taking in a Broadway show, the week-of parade preparation began. Before departing from Cullowhee, the equipment crew worked meticulously to load the band’s semi-truck with all of the instruments, uniforms, and equipment. Upon arriving back at the hotel at 9:30 pm, the equipment crew prepared to unload the semi-truck.

Leading with a Purpose

“It teaches you how to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself and how to really get involved in the school.” Keely Thomas is a senior double maj...

Feeling the Beat

“When I listen to music, I feel it on me, I feel it through my body, and it’s really weird to tell people that because I am actually deaf,” said Izzy Peters...