Roadworks taking shape as traveling art trailer this summer

School of Art and Design students (from left) Kylie Price, Raymond Baccari, Todd Martin and Jesse Lloyd do some preparation for Roadworks 2018, a traveling summer arts experience provided to local communities through the College of Fine and Performing Arts.

Roadworks, an outreach program of Western Carolina University’s College of Fine and Performing Arts that has offered free music and theatrical events to communities throughout the region in summers past, will add an on-site art experience this year.

Todd Martin and Kylie Price (from left) are seen readying for another plaster pour of coins that carry the Bardo Arts Center and School of Art and Design emblems, which will be given as gifts to Roadworks attendees.

Students with WCU’s School of Art and Design will be traveling with an “art trailer” to demonstrate metal casting and giving away free aluminum art objects, in conjunction with Jackson County’s Green Energy Park. They also will hold sessions of painting on canvas in which participants use percussion tools such as drumsticks, mallets and brushes, and then take their creations home.

Another element of the visits will be a pop-up gallery to showcase the work of four student artists traveling with the project.

To request an art trailer visit for a community event during the period Monday, May 14, through Friday, June 8, go to for an application and guidelines.