IPS welcomes delegations from Germany, France to campus

WCU representatives meet with officials from the Ludwigsburg University of Education. Gathering together March 22 are (from left) Chris Cooper, head of WCU’s Department of Political Science and Public Affairs; David Tyler, WCU assistant professor of sport management; Ling LeBeau, director of WCU’s Office of International Programs and Services; Minke Jakobi, LUE’s coordinator of student exchange; Joerg Kessler, LUE’s vice rector for academic and international affairs; and James Costa, WCU professor of biology and director of Highlands Biological Station.

Western Carolina University is fortunate to have many high-quality international partnerships with other universities, including 32 bilateral partnerships in 16 countries as of this spring, says Ling LeBeau, director of the university’s Office of International Programs and Services.

“These partnerships provide many opportunities of great intercultural and intellectual exchange,” LeBeau said. “They benefit students, faculty and staff and the entire campus community.”

Meeting on March 26 are (from left) Yan Grasseli, director of SKEMA Business School’s business administration program; Claire Metzger, international coordinator for SKEMA’s business administration program; Oussama Ammar, academic director of SKEMA’s Raleigh campus; Debra Burke, associate dean of WCU’s College of Business; and Ling LeBeau, director of WCU’s Office of International Programs and Services.

On Thursday, March 22, the Office of International Programs and Services welcomed two administrators from Ludwigsburg University of Education in Germany – Joerg Kessler, vice rector for academic and international affairs, and Minke Jakobi, coordinator of student exchange. The purpose of the visit was to analyze the strength of the partnership and ensure that both universities are providing the best experience and support system for visiting students, LeBeau said.

On Monday, March 26, three representatives of SKEMA Business School came to campus and met with WCU staff, faculty and students. Visiting officials from the partner university in France were Yan Grasseli, director of SKEMA’s Bachelor of Business Administration Program; Claire Metzger, international coordinator for the program; and Oussama Ammar, academic director for SKEMA’s Raleigh campus. The trio met with WCU’s international office team, as well as faculty members from the WCU College of Business, to discuss additional collaboration opportunities and other degree options for SKEMA students and WCU students.

“SKEMA Business School has been a partner with WCU since 2003, and their visit helped strengthen the partnership for many more years to come,” LeBeau said.

For more information about WCU’s international partnerships, contact LeBeau at 828-227-3433 or lglebeau@wcu.edu.