Coulter Faculty Commons staff to show off renovated space

The WCU community will have a chance to see the renovated space of Coulter Faculty Commons on Thursday, April 19.

Staff members in Western Carolina University’s Coulter Faculty Commons learned in October 2016 that renovation of their work space in Hunter Library was set to begin.

The CFC staff moved into a crowded location in Room 166 in the library. “Although conditions were less than ideal, we were prepared to stay in these quarters for the few months that those involved in the project at the time thought would be required to complete the renewal,” said Martha K. Diede, director and professor at Coulter Faculty Commons. “Although various hiccups occurred in the project, our spaces are now complete,” she said.

It was worth the wait, Diede said. “Our mismatched furniture and drab walls have been converted into a cubical oasis where full- and part-time experts can better support WCU’s faculty and staff,” she said. The renovated space includes dedicated consultation and recording spaces; a writing studio; drop-down spaces for faculty without offices and for those between appointments who need a place to work; collaboration spaces for those who need to get a team together and working; and a conference room – all specifically designed to enhance WCU’s teaching and learning mission.

“One addition we are especially pleased to offer is a learning studio where faculty can practice classroom techniques and technologies before trying them out for the first time in front of their students,” Diede said.

The WCU community is invited to attend an open house from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Thursday, April 19, to see what the CFC has to offer. For more information, call 828-227-2093.