Student trip to Ghana planned for fall break

Kofi Lomotey, WCU’s Bardo Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, will be hosting a student trip to Ghana from Oct. 14-22.

Kofi Lomotey, Western Carolina University’s Bardo Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, and assistant professor Jess Weiler are hosting a trip to Ghana for interested undergraduate and graduate students.

The trip will take place during WCU’s fall break, leaving Oct. 14 and returning Oct. 22. Students can earn two or three credit hours. There will be discussions each evening following dinner, as well as guest lectures from university professors in Ghana. At the end, students will be asked to write a paper.

“I’ve been taking groups to Ghana for 40 years,” Lomotey said. “I really appreciate the opportunity to introduce people to that part of Africa. Ghana is an English-speaking country so there’s minimal language barrier. People tend to love the experience. It’s consistently been one of the most popular tourist sites in sub-Saharan Africa.

“The trip will focus on education in Ghana, while at the same time looking at it in the context of other social institutions – the government, health institutions and social organizations.”

Students will visit three cities. First, they’ll tour the capital city of Accra, where they’ll visit the W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture and the mausoleum of Kwami Nkruhma, Ghana’s first president.

Next, they will travel to Cape Coast and visit the slave castle where Africans were kept before being shipped to America as slaves. Finally, there will be a three-day trip to the village of Agona Duakwa, a place where Lomotey frequently visits and was “enstooled” as a sub-chief for development.

“We’ll interact with the elders and other community people and spend two days in the schools interacting with the students, teachers and administrators,” Lomotey said.

There also will be a day of leisure for students to relax at a resort, and a reception at the home of the minister of higher education.

The cost of the trip is $2,434.08. For more information, contact Lomotey at 404-831-9171 or, or visit this website.