Staff from Office of Parking and Transportation gets wet

Chelsea Reavis, WCU parking enforcement operations manager, anticipates a throw from a highly motivated parking ticket recipient.

Western Carolina University students had an opportunity to exact a measure of revenge against WCU’s parking enforcement staff by getting them wet in a dunk tank set up on the Central Plaza on Monday, April 17.

Students could earn one throw by doing each of the following – following the Office of Parking and Transportation on Facebook, following the office on Instagram, or by snapping a photo of themselves walking, bicycling or riding the campus Cat-Tran – for a maximum of three throws, said Chelsea Reavis, parking enforcement operations manager.

The office has been promoting walking on campus by posting tips on its Facebook site. “The goal behind it was to get students more involved with walking and making our campus more green, as well as following our pages for updates,” Reavis said.

The office was assisted in its campaign by four students – Haley Smith, Elisha Connor, Norman Falls and Baron Crawford – who are members of a public relations class taught by Scott Eldredge, assistant professor in the Department of Communication.

In addition to Reavis, office staff members venturing into the dunk tank were Fred Bauknecht, director of parking and transportation, and parking security officers Travis Buchanan, Cole Mallonee and Stephanie Lefler.

Video from the event is posted on Facebook.