Region’s students win honors at annual Math Contest

More than 500 students representing 30 schools across Western North Carolina gathered at Western Carolina University on Thursday, March 23, to compete in the university’s 46th annual Math Contest.

Held at WCU’s Ramsey Regional Activity Center, the event is the largest and longest-running mathematics contest in the state and is hosted by the university’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Students competed in one of four divisions based on mathematics courses taken during the current academic year. Individual winners from the Level I, II and III divisions qualify to advance to the western region state finals to be held at the University of North Carolina at Asheville on Thursday, May 4. Winners recognized in the Comprehensive Division qualify for state finals set for Thursday, April 27, at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham.

Winning students and school teams from this year’s contest are:

Level I Individual Winners: First, Renee Zhang, Cane Creek Middle School; second, Asher Nejezchleb, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; third, tie between Will Cowan, Valley Springs Middle School, and Alexander White, Asheville Middle School. Certificates of merit were presented to Jarib Pott, North Buncombe Middle School; Luke Aiello, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; Lauren Subramanian, Valley Springs Middle School; Olivia Jones, North Buncombe Middle School; James Thelan, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy; Joy Katherine Prettyman, North Buncombe Middle School.

Level I Team Winners: First, Cane Creek Middle School; second, Valley Springs Middle School; third, Asheville Homeschool Math Club.

Level II Individual Winners: First, tie between Reese Vassey, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, and Zach Bobbitt, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; third, Jake Bratton, Reynolds High School. Certificates of merit were presented to Erin Springer, Tuscola High School; Robert Super, Tuscola High School; Xing Aldridge, Tuscola High School; Anna Morgan, Smoky Mountain High School; Hana Carter, North Buncombe High School; Joel Rickard, McDowell High School; John Gillespie, Roberson High School; Renna Voss, Reynolds High School.

Level II Team Winners: First, Tuscola High School; second, Reynolds High School; third, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy.

Level III Individual Winners: First, tie between Juliana Accles, Asheville High School, and Brandon Jiang, Franklin High School; third, Grace Stanek, Roberson High School. Certificates of merit were presented to Donald Pepka, Freedom High School; Riley Laursen, Tuscola High School; Jack McGrath, Nesbitt Discovery Academy; Elijah Fleming, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; Owen Koppe, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; Catherine Roberts, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; Andrew Best, Roberson High School; Ben Johnson, North Buncombe High School; Jenny Suk, Roberson High School; Grace Reeder, Roberson High School.

Level III Team Winners: First, Roberson High School; second, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; third, Asheville High School.

Comprehensive Individual Winners: First, Aeron McConnell, Asheville Homeschool Math Club; second, tie between Tristan Sallin, Reynolds High School, and Thomas Yang, Smoky Mountain High School. Certificates of merit were presented to Benji Dial, Brevard High School; Keiran Jensen, Nesbitt Discovery Academy; Eli Bird, Nesbitt Discovery Academy; Reid Arwood, Roberson High School; Lukas Wilde, Smoky Mountain High School; Eli Costa, Smoky Mountain High School; Becker Andry, Carolina Day School; James Thompson, Brevard High School; Molly Li, Asheville Christian Academy; Jack Swanson, Freedom High School; Tim Perkin, Asheville Christian Academy; Kelly Morgan, Smoky Mountain High School.

Comprehensive Team Winners: First, tie between Asheville Homeschool Math Club and Smoky Mountain High School; second, Nesbitt Discovery Academy; third, Roberson High School.