WCU’s Percussion Studio presents April 7 concert on campus

Western Carolina University’s Percussion Studio will present a concert of chamber and ensemble music on Thursday, April 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the recital hall of the Coulter Building on the WCU campus.

Under the direction of Mario Gaetano, professor in the WCU School of Music, the student ensemble performs music specifically composed or arranged for percussion instruments, including drums, cymbals, timpani, xylophones, marimbas and bells.

Mario Gaetano

Mario Gaetano

The concert will feature a variety of original compositions, including “Five Dream Sequences” by Walter Ross, with Lyn Burkett, assistant professor of music at WCU, accompanying on piano, and Gaetano’s “Fiesta Del Rio” performed in a contemporary samba style. Other pieces during the evening performance will be David Long’s melodic “Essences of the Four Signs,” featuring tuned percussion such as bells, vibraphones, xylophones and marimbas, and David Skidmore’s fast-paced, aggressive “Ritual Music” played with an assortment of drums and four tambourine players.

The concert also will include Lou Harrison’s “Song of Queztecoatl,” in which the ensemble will perform on such unusual instruments as glass bottles, Chinese wooden blocks, automobile brake drums, Austrian cowbells and Asian gongs.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the WCU School of Music at 828-227-7242.