High school students from across Western North Carolina gathered at Western Carolina University’s Ramsey Center in mid-March to test their knowledge of French and Spanish in the university’s 34th annual Foreign Language Contest.

The competition was sponsored by WCU’s Department of World Languages.

Participating schools were Asheville Middle, Carolina Day, Franklin High, Henderson County Early College, North Henderson High, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy and Robbinsville High.

Winning students and schools in the competition categories are:

Spanish Music: First, North Henderson; second, Henderson County Early College; third, Asheville Middle.

French Skits: First, Thomas Jefferson; second, North Henderson.

Spanish Skits: First, Thomas Jefferson; second, North Henderson.

French Show and Tell: First, Josh Prentice, North Henderson; second, Alexandra Zahn, Carolina Day; third, Kaelee McGraw, North Henderson.

Spanish Show and Tell: First, Olivia Diamond, Carolina Day; second, Brianna Mitchell, Franklin High; third, Mikaela Robertson, Carolina Day.

French How-To: First, Katie Hull, Carolina Day; second, Carson Dockery, North Henderson.

Spanish How-To: First, Sierra Benepe, Carolina Day; second, Sara Turner, Thomas Jefferson; third, Zoe Fitzgerald, Carolina Day.

French Extemporaneous Speaking III: First, Ian Wasserman, Carolina Day; second, Anselmo Colin, North Henderson; third, Rebecca Martinez, North Henderson.

Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III: First, Carson Slosman, Carolina Day; second, Li-Chu, North Henderson.

French Extemporaneous Speaking IV: First, Madeline Smith, Carolina Day; second, Spencer Bock, Carolina Day; third, Patrick Milligan, Franklin High.

Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV: First, Maddie Paulus, Carolina Day; second, Karen Araya, Carolina Day.

French Poetry: First, Danielle Griffin, Thomas Jefferson; second, Sonia Colnot, Thomas Jefferson; third, Kathleen Norton, Thomas Jefferson.

Spanish Poetry: First, Li-Chu, North Henderson; second, Vicente Antinori, Carolina Day; third, Mattie Hogue, Robbinsville High.

Spanish Native Poetry: First, Melissa Trujillo, Thomas Jefferson; second, Gabriela Rivera, Thomas Jefferson; third, Samit Hernandez, Robbinsville High.

French Quiz Bowl: First, North Henderson; second, Carolina Day; third, Franklin High.

Spanish Quiz Bowl: First, Carolina Day; second, Henderson County Early College; third, Franklin High.

Native Spanish Quiz Bowl: First, Henderson County; second, Franklin High.