Gamelan ensembles to present Indonesian music

WCU students prepare for a performance of gamelan ensembles.

WCU students prepare for a performance of gamelan ensembles.

Western Carolina University and Warren Wilson College will join forces for a concert of traditional and contemporary Indonesian music Sunday, Nov. 22.

The 7:30 p.m. performance of gamelan ensembles will be held in the recital hall of the Coulter Building on the WCU campus. It is free and open to the public. At the conclusion, the audience will be invited onstage to try out the instruments firsthand.

A gamelan is an orchestra of tuned metal percussion instruments, including various sizes of gongs and chimes, drums and bamboo flute. Two types of gamelan will be heard on the concert. Warren Wilson College students will perform on a Central Javanese gamelan in slendro tuning, while WCU students and community members will perform on a West Javanese gamelan degung. A special feature of this program will be the premiere of two short works for gamelan by WCU students Alex Day and Jordan Wilson.

The Warren Wilson ensemble is led by Kevin Kehrberg and the WCU ensemble is led by Will Peebles. For more information, contact Peebles at 828-227-3258 or