Criminal justice students, faculty a big factor at Raleigh conference

Western Carolina University made a strong showing at the recent North Carolina Criminal Justice Association Conference held in Raleigh, with five of the 13 panels chaired by WCU faculty and 10 of the 25 papers accepted for presentation from WCU faculty and students.

Research students presenting included Amelia Mitten, “Female Criminality Explained through Parental Attachment and Involvement”; Ashley McGee, “The Association of Moral Decision-Making and Intentions to Offend”; Wesley Myers, “Comparing the South African Apartheid and the Israeli Treatment of Palestinians”; Meagan Pittman, “The Importance of a Positive Writing Environment in Criminal Justice Education”; Daniel Rosenheim, “Juvenile Delinquency Prevention: Applying Social Learning Theory”; and Travis Swain, “Effective Planning of an Emergency Management Drill.”

Joint faculty and student presentations included Anthony McCarty and Cyndy Hughes, assistant professor, presented “Restorative Justice as a Viable Criminal Justice Practice, while Lisa Oliver and Hoon Lee, assistant professor, presented “Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice Students’ Attitudes Towards Issues in Criminal Justice.”

Faculty presentations included Jamie Vaske, assistant professor, who presented “Making Decisions about Offenders and Offending: Do Biological Markers Predict Both?” and Thomas Johnson, assistant professor, who presented “Assessing Gulum and Murray’s Framework for Acquiring Emergency Notification Systems at Colleges and Universities.”

WCU was one of eight institutions and organizations to participate in the conference.