WCU professor to present keynote address at Brazil event

Kirk Smith, assistant professor of human resources and leadership at WCU, will deliver a keynote address Thursday, April 11, for the HR Metrics and Indicators Special Forum to be held in Brazil.

Kirk Smiith

Kirk Smith

Smith will present via videoconference “How Performance Metrics and Indicators of Human Capital May Contribute to Improving Organizational Quality, Innovation and Productivity.” Participants will be encouraged to identify the leading and lagging human capital indicators for their organizations and correlate them to the key performance measures at the operational and strategic levels of their organizations.

“Then they can use human capital analytics to predict what could and should happen instead of, or in addition to, describing what has happened,” said Smith.

Smith will deliver the videoconference from a studio in the Atlanta area that will be broadcast to conference participants from Brazil as well as several other South American countries.

In addition to his role at WCU, Smith serves as a director at the ROI Institute. The institute is a research, benchmarking and consulting organization that provides services surrounding the ROI Methodology, a trademarked term for a tool developed to measure and evaluate programs.