Students miss election prediction by one state

A student group in a political science course being taught collaboratively by professors at Western Carolina University and Eastern Michigan University came within one state of accurately predicting which candidate would win which state in the presidential election.

James Belk and Jessica Tallent of WCU and Nino Monea, Brittany Motyka and Brian Walsh of EMU are students in campaigns and elections courses being taught by Chris Cooper, associate professor and head of the Political Science and Public Affairs Department at WCU, and Jeffrey Bernstein, professor of political science at EMU. The professors are lecturing via Skype in the other’s classes, and students are working collaboratively on projects. The only state the students inaccurately predicted was Florida, which the group predicted would go to Romney. While very close, officials have named Obama the top vote-getter there.

“It is quite gratifying to see how our students were able to work together to produce a prediction that beat many, if not most, of the professional pundits. If this prediction is any indication, looks like our students may have a future as political pundits,” Cooper said.