WCU’s online graduate programs listed as ‘best buys’

Western Carolina University’s online master’s degree programs in human resources and project management have received high rankings in affordability and “best buy” designations from the distance education information clearinghouse GetEducated.com.

The human resources program ranked No. 3 among 40 online human resources programs nationwide while the university’s project management program came in at No. 2 among 93 online master’s programs in project management.

“WCU’s rating as a ‘best buy’ among distance degree programs honors the university as a nationally ranked leader in the field of online learning,” said Vicky Phillips, founder of GetEducated.com. “Their online master’s in human resources and online master’s in project management programs offer a top-quality education to the citizens of North Carolina through the innovative use of educational technology.

“Together, these two programs provide an exemplary model for how public universities can, with vision and determination, combine the quality of a traditional residential university with cutting-edge technology to better serve America’s business professionals,” said Phillips, who in 2009 was called the “leading consumer advocate for online college students” by U.S. News & World Report.

“WCU’s online master’s degree programs cost only about a third of the national average, making WCU an undisputed leader in the movement to leverage online learning to create a more affordable education system that sacrifices nothing in terms of quality,” she said.

WCU has offered a master’s degree program in human resources since 1984. Based out of the College of Education and Allied Professions, the program allows students to earn the degree by completing 12 fully online courses. The university’s master’s degree program in project management, based in the College of Business, is a two-year program designed for project management professionals with a minimum of two years of work experience.

“We are proud that this independent nationwide review of online programs indicates that our graduate programs in human resources and project management provide both high quality and high value for our students,” said Mimi Fenton, interim dean of Graduate School and Research at WCU. “We think the accolades earned by these two programs are indicative of the exceptional quality and value that can be found throughout Western Carolina University’s graduate offerings.”

For more information about WCU’s graduate programs in human resources and project management, and other graduate programs, go to graduate.wcu.edu or call 800-369-9854.