WCU announces winners of high school math contest

Cane Creek Middle, Carolina Day and Roberson High schools were the top competitors recently at Western Carolina University’s 41st Annual High School Mathematics Contest.

More than 500 of the region’s top high school and junior high school mathematics students representing nearly 30 schools from across Western North Carolina competed in the April 7 contest.

The Cane Creek Middle team, sponsored by Linda Lewis, won the junior high division with a mean score of 21.2. Second place went to Owen Middle School, sponsored by Wayne Drummond, with a mean score of 19.8. The Carolina Day Middle School team, sponsored by Robin Van Alstyne, posted a mean score of 19.2 for a third-place finish.

Carolina Day School, sponsored by Candy Hardy, won the senior high 1A-2A division with a mean score of 25.4. Owen High School, sponsored by Samantha Witt, took second place with a mean score of 21.18, and Smoky Mountain High School, sponsored by Tracy Brandt, finished in third place with a mean score of 18.67.

First place in the senior high 3A-4A division went to Roberson High School, sponsored by Shirley Glover, with a mean score of 25.3. North Buncombe High School, sponsored by Archie Benton and Julia Webster, claimed second with a mean score of 25.05. Finishing in third place was Asheville High School, sponsored by William Ross, with a mean score of 22.8.

Students scoring in the top 8 percent in the comprehensive division qualified for the State Mathematics Contest on April 14 at the School of Science and Mathematics in Durham.

Winners of the comprehensive division:

Moshe Feldman, Roberson High, first; Matthew Hagarty, McDowell High, second; Zach English, Reynolds High, third; Tyler Pressley, Enka High, fourth; Ray Kim, Asheville High, fifth; Kim Stubbs, Enka High, sixth; Chris Jones, Enka High, sixth; Edmund Kim, Roberson High, eighth; Kay Nakazawa, Roberson High, ninth; Sungwook Hwang, Reynolds High, 10th; John Dugan, Roberson High, 11th; Madison Emory, North Buncombe High, and Rusty Mau Smoky Mountain High, 12th (two-way tie); Warren Zielle, North Buncombe High, 13th; and Bo Bi, Carolina Day High, 14th.

The top 10 percent of winners in the algebra I, algebra II and geometry categories advanced to the state finals for the western region at the University of North Carolina at Asheville on April 28. Those winners are:

Algebra I: Kadee Beasley, Cane Creek Middle, first; Sam Drummond, Owen Middle, second; Camille Groh, Carolina Day, third; Alicia Eggert, Cane Creek Middle, fourth; Cayla Wood, Cane Creek Middle, fifth; Alia Dahlan, Owen Middle, and Rachel McKinney, West McDowell Junior High, sixth (two-way tie); Jordan Shane Buchanan, Mitchell High, eighth; and Suhani Gupta, Valley Springs Middle, Joshua Scilex, Madison Middle, and Ben Szurek, Carolina Day Middle, ninth (three-way tie).

Algebra II: Alvin Zhang, Cane Creek Middle, first; Samantha Shoemaker, Carolina Day, second; Akshay Gupta, Roberson High, third; Tsao-Chin Yu, Roberson High, fourth; Ayano Annis, Erwin High, fifth; Tony R Li, Enka High, sixth; Katie A Kull, North Buncombe High, seventh; Andrew M Hensley, East McDowell Junior High, eighth; Tyler Huffman, North Buncombe High, ninth; Tyler Higgins, Roberson High, 10th; Ashley Bosonetto, North Buncombe High, 11th; Dana Truempy, Reynolds High, 12th; Amy House, North Buncombe High, 13th; Lauren Pruett, North Buncombe High, 14th; and Ashley Cocciadiferro, Reynolds High, 15th.

Geometry: Travis Broadhurst, North Buncombe High, first; Joyce Wei, Roberson High, second;  Bradley Caswell, Roberson High, third; Nathan Sears, Asheville High, fourth; Benjamin Loise, North Buncombe High, fifth; Sophia Porach, Roberson High, sixth; Jesse Kovacs, Roberson High, seventh; Kevin Rash, Roberson High, eighth; Madison Baldwin, Reynolds High, ninth; Andy Yang, Mitchell High, 10th; Daniel Johnson, Murphy High, 11th; Magdalene Lusk, Roberson High, 12th; Tiffiny Sims, Smoky Mountain High, 13th; and Sarah Spiro, Smoky Mountain High, and Megan Jameson, Tuscola High, 14th (two-way tie).

For more information, contact WCU assistant professors of mathematics Axelle Faughn at 828-227-3829 or Risto Atanasov at 828-227-3942.