Professor invited to participate in national evidence-based court practices meeting

Roger Hartley, director of Western Carolina University’s master’s degree program in public affairs, is one of 20 research and policy leaders in the area of evidence-based court practices invited to participate in a closed meeting with U.S. Department of Justice representatives to be held Friday, March 11.

Roger E. Hartley

Roger E. Hartley

Sponsored by the Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy at George Mason University, the meeting has been organized for scholars and practitioners to discuss how they can work together to foster research that might yield evidence that helps justice officials as they make difficult management or policy choices, said Hartley.

“One topic might be, for instance, who is most at risk to society and who should be held in jails versus those who might be released and save tax dollars?” said Hartley. “What types of court cases should be given more attention by courts versus those that might proceed through the courts on a different track that might open efficiencies?”

Hartley’s research has explored a number of issues that face the American judicial system and co-authored articles such as “Overwhelming Evidence: Challenges and Opportunities for Evidence-Based Management in the Courts.”

When he worked at the University of Arizona prior to accepting the position at WCU, he served on a commission of citizens, police officers, internal affairs division officers, city employees, prosecutors and other justice officials. The commission was organized to monitor the internal investigation and the re-analysis of DNA samples after a problem with evidence was discovered by the Tucson Police Department. The group recommended steps that could be taken to ensure that the evidence and cases were handled properly, and provided advice on how to handle public relations.

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