WCU to hold seminar on grassroots investing

Western Carolina University’s Division of Educational Outreach will offer “Build Your Wealth on Main Street, Not Wall Street: A Seminar for Grassroots Investing in a Challenging Economy” from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, May 13, in Room 143 of the Camp Building.

Participants will learn about building individual and community wealth using local resources, including responsible ways to earn more than the typical certificate of deposit and money market rates of return.

“These local investing avenues are not new and extravagant, but have been available to us all along,” said co-instructor Allen Lomax. “They have stood the test of time and have proven worthy in good times and bad.”

The seminar will include a question-and-answer session, and supplemental resources will be provided.

Lomax holds a doctorate in organizational systems from Saybrook University in San Francisco. A former university administrator and teacher, he now owns and operates Tranquility Homes, LLC, a local firm specializing in the development of value-laden collateral to establish a base for safe and profitable grassroots investing.

Co-presenter Jim Hitt is the chief executive officer of Entrust Carolinas, LLC, an affiliate of the Entrust Group, a 26-year-old company with $3 billion in assets. Hitt’s specialty is in the financing and acquisition of real estate, private offerings, mortgage lending, businesses, joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies using creative techniques.

Cost of the session is $39 per person for early registration before May 7, and $49 after that date.

For more information or to register, visit http://learn.wcu.edu, e-mail learn@wcu.edu or call 828-227-7397 or toll-free 800-928-4968.