High school students win honors at WCU’s foreign language contest

Some 340 high school students from across Western North Carolina and northern Georgia gathered at Western Carolina University on Tuesday, March 23, to test their knowledge of French and Spanish in the university’s 28th annual Foreign Language Contest.

The competition was sponsored by WCU’s department of modern foreign languages. Individuals and teams competed in the categories of music, quiz bowl, native speaker Spanish quiz bowl, skits, show-and-tell, how-to, poetry recitation, native speaker poetry and extemporaneous speaking.

Students, faculty and staff from the modern foreign languages department, along with volunteers from other departments on campus, served as judges.

Participating high schools included Carolina Day, East Henderson, Enka, Franklin, Mitchell, North Henderson, Tuscola, West Henderson and Rabun Gap-Nacoochee (Ga.)

Winning students and schools are

French music: First, East Henderson; second, Tuscola; third, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee.

Spanish music: First, East Henderson; second, Tuscola; third, North Henderson.

French skits: First, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee; second, West Henderson; third, Carolina Day.

Spanish skits: First, Tuscola; second, Mitchell; third, Carolina Day.

French show-and-tell: First, Katie Snyder, Tuscola; second, Samantha Sherlon, West Henderson; third, Anna Decker, West Henderson.

Spanish show-and-tell: First, Olivia Goodwin, Tuscola; second, Jackson Krupnick, Carolina Day; third, Hannah Marie Owen, West Henderson.

French how-to: First, Brandy Martie, West Henderson; second, Kandra Kirpatrick, Tuscola; third, Brianna Birchett, Carolina Day.

Spanish how-to: First, Ross Marnock, Carolina Day; second, Scott Williams, North Henderson; third, Jean Skelton, Tuscola.

French extemporaneous speaking (level 3): First, Carlos Maldonado, Enka; second, Levi Plouse, Franklin; third, Anne Richardson, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee.

Spanish extemporaneous speaking (level 3): First, Haven Henderson, Franklin; second, Sam Anderson, Tuscola; third, Madeline Delp, North Henderson.

French extemporaneous speaking (level 4): First, Clement Tripp, East Henderson; second, Sarah McDonald, East Henderson; third, Thomas Woo, East Henderson.

Spanish extemporaneous speaking (level 4): First, Sybil Newis, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee; second, Tyler Carson, Tuscola; third, Olivia Page-Pollard, Carolina Day.

French poetry recitation: First, Melissa Pittillo, West Henderson; second, Tyler Carson, Tuscola; third, Brandi Gannon, West Henderson.

Spanish poetry recitation: First, Ashley Roy, West Henderson; second, Nicole Lowe, East Henderson; third, Morgan Teague, Carolina Day.

Spanish native speaker poetry recitation: First, Emily Juarez, East Henderson; second, Nancy Bernal, East Henderson; third, Nora Ortiz, West Henderson.

French quiz bowl: First, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee; second, East Henderson; third, Carolina Day.

Spanish quiz bowl: First, Carolina Day; second, North Henderson; third, tie between Enka and Rabun Gap-Nacoochee.

Spanish native speaker quiz bowl: First, Tuscola; second, Enka; third, North Henderson.