Provost issues statement regarding exams scheduled for Dec. 18

Western Carolina University Provost Kyle Carter has issued the following statement regarding final examinations scheduled for Friday, Dec. 18, and the possibility of inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions:

“All final exams will be administered at their regularly scheduled time on Friday, December 18, 2009. In the event of severe weather (on Friday), the university will be under its severe weather policy. This policy directs students to make a judgment about their own safety before driving to campus. If unable to attend the final exam, they will not be penalized, but will be issued an incomplete and required to make up the final during the first week of spring semester.

“All make up exams missed must be administered and completed before the end of the first week of classes of spring term 2010 by the instructor. Those students graduating this semester who receive an incomplete may walk in the Saturday ceremony but must remove the incompletes before their degree is conferred. All non-returning students must remove the incomplete by the end of spring semester or it will become an ‘F’ per university policy.”

Visit WCU’s weather-related schedule changes Web site for more information and the full text of the severe weather policy.