WCU hosts high school math contest

North Buncombe Middle, Carolina Day and Roberson High schools placed as top competitors Thursday, April 3, at Western Carolina University’s 38th Annual High School Mathematics Contest.

More than 600 of the region’s top high school and junior high school mathematics students representing more than 30 schools competed in the contest.

The North Buncombe Middle team, sponsored by Julie Brown, won the junior high division with a score of 24.33. Second place went to Carolina Day Middle, sponsored by Robin van Alstyne, with a score of 21.7. The Erwin team, sponsored by Cindy Geouge, posted a score of 21.55 for a third-place finish.

Carolina Day School, sponsored by Candace Hardy, won the senior high 1A-2A division with a score of 18.95. Owen High School, sponsored by Kim Daily, took second place with a score of 17.11, and Smoky Mountain High, sponsored by Tracy Brandt, finished in third place with a score of 15.26.

First place in the senior high 3A-4A division went to Roberson High School, sponsored by Shirley Glover, with a score of 22.94. Reynolds High, sponsored by Tracy Kuykendall, claimed second with a score of 19.42. Finishing in third place was Enka High School, sponsored by Archie Benton, with a score of 19.25.

Students scoring in the top 8 percent in the comprehensive division qualified for the State Mathematics Contest on April 24 at the School of Science and Mathematics in Durham.

Winners of the comprehensive division:

Justin Ko, Roberson High, first; Dylan Peifer, North Buncombe, second; Brian Kim, Roberson High, third; John Halvorsen, Roberson High, fourth; Ryan Belt, Enka High, fifth; William Jordan, Carolina Day High, sixth; Holly Arrowood of East Henderson High and Gabrielle Schroeder of Carolina Day High, seventh (two-way tie); Huang Xing, Asheville High, eighth; Trent Josephsen, Reynolds High, ninth; Sisira Gorthala, Carolina Day High, 10th; Tyler Lewis of McDowell High and Christin Nice-Webb of Reynolds High, 11th (two-way tie); Daniel Snyder, Tuscola, 12th; and Austin Mack of North Buncombe High, Kaylie McCraw of McDowell High and Cara Lewis of Reynolds High; 13th (three-way tie).

The top 10 percent of the winners in algebra I, algebra II and geometry will advance to the state finals for the western region on May 1 at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Those winners are:
Algebra I: Daniel Ball, Cane Creek Middle, first; Jackson Tweed, North Buncombe Middle, second; Tyler Pressley, Enka Middle, third; Haley Ballard of North Buncombe Middle and Connor Davis of Cullowhee Valley, fourth (two-way tie); Sam Gardner, Owen Middle, fifth; Tori Zhuravlev, Erwin Middle, sixth; Keaton MacLean, Erwin Middle, seventh; Brennan Harlan, Carolina Day Middle, eighth; Kayla Blair of Cane Creek Middle and Chris Jones of Enka Middle, ninth (two-way tie); Rob Croll, Carolina Day Middle, 10th; and Matthew Pohl of East Henderson Middle and Kathleen Potter of North Buncombe Middle, 11th (two-way tie).

Algebra II: David Wang, Roberson High, first; Pei Pei Yang, Carolina Day, second; Dana McAfoos, Enka High, third; Christine Ha, Smoky Mountain High, fourth; Gavin Hensley and Catherine Burton of McDowell High, fifth (two-way tie); Blake Johnson, Reynolds High, sixth; Soo Zee Choi of Smoky Mountain High and Aya Avishai-Yitshak of Reynolds High, seventh (two-way tie); Sana Shakil, Roberson High, eighth; Melissa Day, Robbinsville High, ninth; Felicia Chang, Erwin High, 10th; and Rusty Mau of Smoky Mountain High, Schuyler Rain of Owen High and John Ruhl of Carolina Day, 11th (three-way tie).

Geometry: Kim Stubbs, Enka High, first; David Brainer, Roberson High, second; Hanna Torrence, Owen High, third; Kimberly Holland and Brandon Hoge of Roberson High and David McAllister of Franklin High, fourth (three-way tie); Tyler Carson, Tuscola High, fifth; Kristan Rhodin of Roberson High and Brooke Kopelakis of Enka High, sixth (two-way tie); Dalton Rhodes of North Henderson High and Erica Cramer of Reynolds High, seventh (two-way tie); Melissa Haun, Asheville Middle, eighth; Richard Park and Kimberly Brooks of Roberson High, ninth (two-way tie); and Ethan Pearce, Reynolds High, 10th.

For more information about Western’s Annual High School Mathematics Contest, contact Ralph Willis, associate professor of mathematics and computer science, at (828) 227-3946.