International beach preservation trust names Rob Young to advisory board

Rob Young

Rob Young

Rob Young, director of Western Carolina University’s Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, was recently appointed to the advisory board of the Santa Aguila Charitable Trust, an international organization devoted to the protection and preservation of beaches around the world.

Founded by Olaf Hermes, a member of the family that founded the Paris-based Hermes fashion house, and wife Eva after the death of 2-year-old-daughter Aguila in a car accident in 2005, the charitable trust strives to educate the general public regarding issues that threaten the world’s beaches and coasts.

The advisory board oversees the trust’s strategy, guides its specific investments and activities, and works to ensure its mission of global mobilization to stop the decimation of beaches worldwide.

Other members are architect David Adjaye; Prince Pierre d’Aremberg; Yasmina Filali of the Orient-Occident Foundation; musician Aretha Franklin; Philippe d’Ornano, president of the Sisley corporation; Orrin Pilkey, founder of PSDS; and Glenna Patton of Viacom International.

This summer, Young (pictured) will assist in the creation of a documentary film funded by the trust. The production team will be led by actor Jean-Marc Barr and director Pascal Arnold, well-know figures in international cinema. Locations for the documentary will include North Carolina, Florida, California, France and Morocco. Small portions of the film will be released via the Web as the production moves forward.

Negotiations also are under way to bring the offices of Santa Aguila Charitable Trust to WCU, Young said.