Geology faculty, students present at regional meeting

Eleven geology faculty members and students from Western Carolina University recently presented their research at the Geological Society of America’s southeastern section meeting in Charlotte:

• Susan L. Barbour Wood, assistant professor of geology, co-presented “Taphonomic Trends in Late Cenozoic Benthic Mollusks from Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain Deposits.”

• Christopher Tennant, who recently graduated from WCU with a degree in geology; Mark Lord, head of the geosciences and natural resources department; and Jerry Miller, Whitmire Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science, co-presented “Hydrological and Meterological Controls on Water Quality, Allens Creek, Waynesville, North Carolina.”

• Miller, Tennant, and Eric Neff, a biology graduate student, co-presented “Stabilization of Reconfigured Channels by In-stream Structures: Is it an Effective Methodology?”

• Evan S. Allen, a senior geology student from Asheville, and Benjamin Tanner, assistant professor of geology, were presenters of the project “Finding a Fingerprint for Salt Pool Deposits in Maine Salt Marshes.”

• Andrew W. Moore, a senior geology student from Asheville, and David A. Kinner, assistant professor of geology, co-presented “Infiltration and Moisture Movement in Native River Cane Stands, Western North Carolina.”

• Rob Young, professor of geology and director of the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, co-presented “Can Geomorphic Controls of Hurricane Damage Be Quantified for a Katrina-Size Storm?”

• Blair R. Tormey, instructor of geology, presented “Fenestral Porosity in Bahamian Eolianites: Evidence of Intensified Storms During the Last Interglacial.”

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