Local high school students win honors at WCU’s foreign language contest

More than 350 high school students from across Western North Carolina, and from one school in northeastern Georgia, gathered at Western Carolina University on Tuesday, March 18, to test their knowledge of French and Spanish in the university’s 26th annual Foreign Language Contest.

The competition was sponsored by WCU’s department of modern foreign languages. Individuals and teams competed in the categories of art, music, quiz bowl, native speaker Spanish quiz bowl, skits, show and tell, “Who Am I?,” poetry recitation, how-to, extemporaneous speaking and video commercial.

Students, faculty and staff from the modern foreign languages department, along with volunteers from other departments on campus, served as judges.

Participating high schools included Carolina Day, Enka, Mitchell, North Henderson, Pisgah, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee, Robbinsville, Roberson, Tuscola and West Henderson.

Winning students and schools are

French art: First, Kevin Cordell, Tuscola; second, Elijah Green, Enka.

Spanish art: First, Victor Lozano, North Henderson; second, Erin Galeagher, Carolina Day.

French music: First, Tuscola; second, West Henderson.

Spanish music: First, Tuscola; second, West Henderson.

French skits: First, Carolina Day; second, West Henderson.

Spanish skits: First, Carolina Day; second, Roberson.

French “Who Am I?:” First, Dan Snyder, Tuscola; second, Kate Lasher, Carolina Day.

Spanish “Who Am I?:” First, Joy Owens, West Henderson; second, Tori Moore, North Henderson.

French show and tell: First, Sarah Watkins, Carolina Day; second, Arden Caffrey, Tuscola.

Spanish show and tell: First, Neerali Patel, North Henderson; second, Morgan Teague, Carolina Day.

French how-to: First, Grace Williamson, Tuscola; second, Evan Slozano, Carolina Day.

Spanish how-to: First, Melissa Garrett, Carolina Day; second, Rosa Loftis, North Henderson.

French extemporaneous speaking (level 4): First, Sisira Gorthala, Carolina Day; second, Eliza Marth, Tuscola.

Spanish extemporaneous speaking (level 4): First, Nora Viljanmaa, Roberson; second, Jeff Coleman, Tuscola.

French extemporaneous speaking (level 5): First, Stephanie Brown, Tuscola; second, Greg Tabor, North Henderson.

Spanish extemporaneous speaking (level 5): First, Rebecca Griffin, Carolina Day; second, Lindsey Taylor, Carolina Day.

French poetry recitation: First, Jasmine George, West Henderson; second, Ally Wygant, Tuscola.

Spanish poetry recitation: First, Christina Swanger, Pisgah; second, Jeremy Hickman, North Henderson.

Spanish native speaker poetry recitation: First, Estela Luna Ayala, Tuscola; second, Jessica Juarez, North Henderson.

French video commercial: First, West Henderson; second, Mitchell.

Spanish video commercial: First, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee; second, Roberson.

French quiz bowl: First, Carolina Day; second, Tuscola.

Spanish quiz bowl: First, Carolina Day; second Tuscola.

Spanish native speaker quiz bowl: First, Enka; second, Roberson.