WCU’s regional development efforts featured in Public Purpose magazine

The January issue of Public Purpose magazine, published by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, features an article on “Regional Development, Regional Leadership.” In that article, Western Carolina University, Northern Kentucky University, the University of Northern Iowa and California State University are cited for taking regional economic development to an exciting new level.

Author Stephen Pelletier, a communications consultant based in Rockville, Md., says, “Truly walking the walk, these institutions have embraced with a fervor a responsibility for economic development. They’ve taken ownership of it and even made it a cornerstone of their missions.

“Call this, if you will, the new generation of economic development. From the San Joaquin Valley to the Corn Belt to the Appalachians, these four institutions have pushed to make civic engagement an intrinsic part of their work. The models they are building – the products of vision, leadership and action – are well worth a closer look.”