Western introduces Japanese outreach program

Western Carolina University’s International Programs and Services Office has developed a Japanese Outreach Program, designed to increase the community’s awareness and knowledge of Japanese culture, history and language.

The coordinator of the program, Emiko Nishiwaki, will speak to Western classes and the surrounding community about Japanese society and culture. Nishiwaki’s mission at Western will span the next two years.

In addition to her outreach activities at Western, Nishiwaki is available for presentations and workshops on Japanese history, origami, ikebana, calligraphy and the Japanese tea ceremony for community groups, libraries, and primary, secondary and preschool school classes.

“Japan ranks as the United States’ No.1 trading partner,” said Lois Petrovich-Mwaniki, director of IPS at Western. “However, many Americans have little knowledge and awareness of Japan, its culture, significance and contributions to the United States.”

Western’s Japanese Outreach Program is supported by the Japan Foundation, an affiliate association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

For more information, contact Lois Petrovich-Mwaniki by phone at (828) 227-3433 or by e-mail at lmwaniki@email.wcu.edu.