Catamount Mail for students goes live this fall

Western’s new student e-mail service, Catamount Mail, will roll out this fall. All students will receive Catamount Mail accounts at the beginning of the fall semester. Existing WCU student e-mail accounts will be phased out by fall break and students may forward any messages that remain in these old accounts to the new Catamount Mail service.

Powered by Microsoft’s Web-based product Windows Live, the new Catamount Mail system will focus on faster, simpler and safer service.

Each account will offer:

  • Two gigabytes of storage
  • Spam blocking with custom filters
  • A calendaring system
  • Automatic spellchecking
  • A user-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Guaranteed communication within the university

“A big plus to WCU students is that they can keep and use a ‘’ e-mail account through graduation and beyond,” said Robert Orr, associate chief information officer, “It’s e-mail for life.” Unlike the old e-mail accounts, students are assigned a more professional e-mail address, which consists of their first and middle initial, last name and a system-generated sequential number (i.e.

“The new Catamount Mail account is a great way for WCU students to communicate with potential employers and professionals in their field using an e-mail address that they are proud to display,” said Orr.

Due to increased security measures and WCU’s commitment to guarantee e-mail delivery from any address, students will not be able to forward their Catamount Mail to another address. Additionally, steps have been taken to decrease extraneous university e-mail messages sent through the system to students. The Catamount Mail address will become the official communication method for university/student communications, including messages concerning notifications and alerts.

“The overall design of the new Catamount Mail system is focused on ease of use, and students and faculty alike will be pleased to find that the by-product is ease of communication,” said Orr. Upcoming features include calendar communications, which will allow faculty and students to extend calendar invitations to one another; RSS feeds provided by logging onto Windows Live for WCU news; quick links to services; built-in spam filters; and creating contacts list.

Students also can customize the look of their accounts by choosing their own font styles and interface colors.

Old e-mail accounts for returning students this fall will be kept active to allow students to migrate their existing e-mail messages to the new service by fall break. Students can log into the old account and forward the individual messages to their new e-mail address.

For more information on Catamount Mail, contact the IT Help Desk at (828) 227-7487 (7ITS), (866) 928-7487 (toll free), or