WCU Scholarships

Each year, WCU awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. Browse the complete listing of WCU scholarships and see what’s available. Generally, these scholarships can be categorized as:

Merit-Based Scholarships
Available to all students, merit-based scholarships recognize achievement and not financial need. Since we use academic records to match students with scholarships, you don’t need to submit any additional applications to be considered.

For detailed information on these opportunities, contact the Honors College.

Need-Based Scholarships
Available to students with demonstrated financial need as determined by Federal Methodology. To be considered for these scholarships, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) . Most need-based scholarships are renewable, but you must complete the FAFSA every year in order to establish eligibility.

When exploring WCU scholarships, be sure to consider:

Scholarships for Entering Freshman
Your admissions application and acceptance to the University automatically gives you consideration for many of these awards.  Additionally, your Financial Aid Application may increase your eligibility for other scholarship opportunities. The priority consideration date is February 1 for freshmen and April 1 for transfer students.

Academic Scholarships
If you’ve declared your major, you should contact your academic department or your college dean’s office about scholarships in your discipline.

Athletic Scholarships
Each WCU athletic team coordinates scholarships for outstanding students. For more information, contact WCU athletics.

Graduate Student Scholarship Opportunities