WCU announces winners of high school math contest

Cane Creek Middle, Carolina Day and Roberson High schools were the top competitors Thursday, March 29, at Western Carolina University’s 37th Annual High School Mathematics Contest.

More than 500 of the region’s top high school and junior high school mathematics students representing nearly 30 schools from across the region competed in the contest.

The Cane Creek Middle team, sponsored by Dawn Perez, won the junior high division with a mean score of 21.2. Second place went to North Buncombe Middle School, sponsored by Jennifer Neel, with a mean score of 19.8. The Enka Middle School team, sponsored by Welynn Allbach, posted a mean score of 19.2 for a third-place finish.

Carolina Day School, sponsored by Candance Hardy, won the senior high 1A-2A division with a mean score of 25.4. Owen High School, sponsored by Anthony Sapp, took second place with a mean score of 21.18, and North Henderson High School, sponsored by Rachel Willingham, finished in third place with a mean score of 18.67.

First place in the senior high 3A-4A division went to Roberson High School, sponsored by Shirley Glover and Rob Wilcer, with a mean score of 25.3. North Buncombe High School, sponsored by Archie Benton, claimed second with a mean score of 25.05. Finishing in third place was Enka High School, sponsored by Travis Hartley, with a mean score of 22.8.

Students scoring in the top 7 percent in the Comprehensive division qualified for the State Mathematics Contest on April 19 at the School of Science and Mathematics in Durham.

Winners of the Comprehensive division:

Bangchen Wang, Reynolds High, first; Kyle Johnson of Reynolds High and Marley Barns of Carolina Day, second (two-way tie); John Halvorsen and Logan Bailey of Roberson High, third (two-way tie); Tina Evans, North Buncombe High, fourth; Logan Brackett, North Henderson High, fifth; Holly Arrowood, East Henderson High, sixth; Wesley Crouse, Enka High, seventh; Michael Ayesh, East Henderson High, eighth; Cara Lewis, Reynolds High, ninth; and Sisira Gorthala of Carolina Day and Luke Starr of McDowell High, 10th (two-way tie).

The top 10 percent of winners in Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry will advance to the state finals for the western region at the University of North Carolina at Asheville on May 3. Those winners are:

Algebra I: Brooke Kopelakis, Enka Middle, first; Robert Piercy, Owen Middle, second; Richard Park, Cane Creek Middle, third; Ricky Parker, North Buncombe Middle, fourth; William Beasley, Madison Middle, fifth; Madison Emory of North Buncombe Middle and Joshua Swan of Cane Creek Middle, sixth (two-way tie); Brittany Moore, North Buncombe Middle, seventh; Maegan Clawges, Cane Creek Middle, eighth; Ethan Pearce, Reynolds Middle, ninth; Christine Ha of Cullowhee Valley Middle and Austin Jenkins of Brevard Middle, 10th (two-way tie); Courtland Clavette, Cane Creek Middle, 11th; and Myles Kimble, Owen Middle, 12th.

Algebra II: Jarred Miklowcic, Roberson High, first; William Jordon, Carolina Day, second; Jody Heck, Carolina Day, third; Morgan Alexander, Roberson High, fourth; Diane Huang, Roberson High, fifth; Jan Jorgensen, Owen High, sixth; Soo Paik, Roberson High, seventh; Lindsey Fox, North Buncombe High, eighth; Yejin Min, North Buncombe High, ninth; Ivy Palas, Asheville High, 10th; Melissa Jackson, North Buncombe High, 11th; Erin McKee, Reynolds High, 12th; Timothy Pement, Roberson High, 13th; and Josh Maciejeeuski, North Henderson High, 14th.

Geometry: Dylan Peifer, North Buncombe High, first; Chloe Tipton, Reynolds High, second; Stephen Jenkins, Roberson High, third; Elise Bare, Roberson High, fourth; Blake Johnson, Reynolds High, fifth; Taylor Courier, Hendersonville High, sixth; Melissa Day, Robbinsville High, seventh; Melissa Garrett of Carolina Day and Dana McAfoos of Enka High, eighth (two-way tie); Nathaniel Skroski, Reynolds High, ninth; Ben Walgenbach, Hendersonville High, 10th; Kayla Clement, Enka High, 11th; and Mikaela Howell, Tuscola High, 12th.

For more information about Western’s Annual High School Mathematics Contest, contact Ralph Willis, associate professor of mathematics and computer science, at (828) 227-3946.