Local students win honors at WCU’s Foreign Language Contest

About 375 high school students from across Western North Carolina and northeastern Georgia gathered at Western Carolina University on Thursday, March 15, to test their knowledge of French and Spanish in the university’s 25th annual Foreign Language Contest.

The competition was sponsored by WCU’s department of modern foreign languages. Individuals and teams competed in the categories of art, music, quiz bowl, native speaker quiz bowl, skits, show and tell, “Who Am I?,” poetry recitation, how-to, extemporaneous speaking and video commercial.

Modern foreign languages students, faculty and staff, along with volunteers from other departments on campus, served as judges.

Participating high schools included Carolina Day, Enka, Franklin, Highlands, Mitchell, North Henderson, Pisgah, Rabun County (Ga.), Roberson, Tuscola and West Henderson.

Winning students and schools are

French art: First, Jessica Chavez, Roberson; second, Jamie Picou, Franklin. Spanish art: First, Patricia Tomas, North Henderson; second, Javan Sutton, Tuscola.

French music: First, Tuscola; second, West Henderson. Spanish music: First, Tuscola; second, Roberson.

French skits: First: West Henderson; second, Rabun County. Spanish skits: First, Tuscola; second, Carolina Day.

French “Who Am I”: First, Kira Farrington, Tuscola; second, Rachel Slattery, West Henderson. Spanish “Who Am I”: First, Julia Wallace, North Henderson; second, Kayla Vreeland, Tuscola.

French show-and-tell: First, Christie Draddy, Carolina Day; second, Khoury Ibrahim, Carolina Day. Spanish show-and-tell: First, Emily Jones, Carolina Day; second, Megan McLeod, Tuscola.

French how-to: First, Sisira Gorthala, Carolina Day; second, Austin Kieffer, Carolina Day. Spanish how-to: First, Kara Karcher, Franklin; second, Jody Heck, Carolina Day.

French extemporaneous speaking, level 4: First, Stephanie Brown, Tuscola; second, Jesse Howell, Tuscola. Spanish extemporaneous speaking, level 4: First, Jackie Shebest, Roberson; second, Teri Carter, North Henderson.

French extemporaneous speaking, level 5: First, Chase Philips, Carolina Day. Spanish extemporaneous speaking, level 5: First, Tim Ruff, Roberson; second, Matthew Clinton, Carolina Day.

French poetry recitation: First, Jasmine George, West Henderson; second, Chase Jenkins, Highlands. Spanish poetry recitation: First, Carissa Mathis, North Henderson; second, Kara Karcher, Franklin.

Spanish native speaker poetry recitation: First, Ana Quintero, Tuscola; second, Dailys Dominguez, North Henderson.

French video commercial: First, Mitchell. Spanish video commercial: First, Carolina Day.

French quiz bowl: First, Roberson; second, Carolina Day. Spanish quiz bowl: First, Carolina Day; second, Franklin. Spanish native speaker quiz bowl: First, Enka; second, Roberson.