WCU’s Fenton named recipient of Outstanding Teacher Award

Mimi Fenton, associate professor of English at Western Carolina University, has been named recipient of an Outstanding Teacher Award for 2006 by the South Atlantic Association of Departments of English.

Mimi Fenton

Mimi Fenton

A Whittier resident, Fenton will receive her award at the annual convention of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association in Charlotte next November. During the convention, Fenton will be a featured speaker at a program devoted to the topic of creative teaching, with her comments published in an upcoming edition of the SAADE Newsletter.

SAADE grants Outstanding Teacher Awards in four institutional categories, and Fenton is the winner representing four-year public colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in English. She and the other three award recipients will be honored at a convention reception.

Fenton is an internationally recognized scholar on the works of 17th-century English author John Milton. Her book, “Milton’s Places of Hope: Spiritual and Political Connections of Hope with Land,” will be published this fall by Ashgate, one of the world’s most prestigious academic presses.

Fenton was named recipient of one of WCU’s top faculty awards, the University Scholar Award, in April. She was recognized as one of the premier teachers in the University of North Carolina system in 2004 when she was named a recipient of a Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching. She also is a past winner of the highest teaching honor given by WCU, the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, which she received in 2003.