Western’s hurricane expert to appear on PBS program “Now”

Update: Rob Young’s interview with National Public Radio about rebuilding after hurricanes (see below) is scheduled to air Nov. 8 on “Morning Edition.”

CULLOWHEE – Rob Young, associate professor of geosciences at Western Carolina University and nationally known hurricane researcher, will be interviewed on the PBS program “Now,” which will debut nationally Friday, Oct. 21. UNC-TV, which carries PBS programming in North Carolina, will air the show at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23. Young was interviewed on the wisdom of post-hurricane rebuilding on vulnerable portions of the U.S. coastline. A PBS crew visited the Cullowhee campus earlier this month, interviewing Young in his office and shooting footage in one of his classes. It will mark Young’s second appearance on the PBS program. He also was interviewed from the studios of WWCU-FM for an upcoming National Public Radio news story about rebuilding after hurricanes. That story is slated to air during the week of Oct. 24.